Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Marvel Comics #1

Possibly one of the greatest comic book grails of all time. Given the higher number of Action Comics #1 appearances, I would think this book to be rarer. This is the beginning of the Marvel Comics empire. This is by far the best copy I have ever seen of this book, notice that it is unrestored. Currently being offered on Ebay --->LINK


whetteon said...

Great looking book! Glad you showed me the link. The price tag is appropriate but to expect that type of money to materialize on eBay reminds me of the Simpson's episode where the three kids had to pool their resources together to buy the Radioactive #1. eBay buyers are notiriously cheap and anyone of potential interest and sufficent funds would not be seeking it out on eBay.

I would think you could do a much greater service by seeking out your target audience on Heritage , ComicLinks or Pedigree. Heck, even getting in contact with a well-known dealer like Vincent of Metropolis would be to the seller's advatage.

Now if he just wants to brag and get eye ball traffic, well I guess the mission was accomplished! ;)

Rick said...

Good points Wheaton. I'm sure JP justs want to get some free advertising from it. As you said, if he were truly interested in selling he would have done more of a promotional campaign rather than just listing it on Ebay.

Thanks for checking out the blog.