Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fantastic Four Movie

FF Main

Well July 8th, 2005 is quickly getting closer. I am very excited to see how they interpret the Fantastic Four to the big screen. I really hope they dedicate the same attention as they did for the X-men movies, and not the dreck that they distributed as the Punisher movie. Although initial photos of the Thing does not instill any confidence that they have.


Here is the cast for the movie, also Legendary creator Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance as FF mailman, Willy Lumpkin.

Ioan Gruffudd .... Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Michael Chiklis .... Ben Grimm/The Thing
Jessica Alba .... Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman
Chris Evans .... Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Julian McMahon .... Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom
Kerry Washington .... Alicia Masters

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